Winners of the Netroglycerine 'Dynamite Site' Award
Magdalena Donea's 'Water'
A true Web artist. Meticulous attention to details such as border transitions, navigation aids, interface consistency, anti-aliasing, etc. But content is still her whole point.
Charles Crisp Benton's 'Kite Aerial Photography'
Wonderful photos taken from kites. The photography is terrific, the compositions are spellbinding. The Web layout is done with great care, keeping the text and background simple, not crowding the art. Nice use of drop shadows.
The Xtal Set Society
This site wins the award for its content. They don't just try to get you to subscribe to their newletter (which is worth getting), but they give free samples, and show you how to build your own radio.
The Nine Planets
Another site that wins the award for its content. All the best images of the solar system, with complete text descriptions and detailed data.
Bill Beaty's Amateur Science
Another content winner.
A wonderful site crammed full of fascinating ideas and projects for the Amateur Scientist.
Anthony Carpi's Natural Science
Wonderful content and animations.
Make sure you check out the Periodic Table.
Tara (Stormi)'s Wallpaper Site
She designs wallpaper for Web sites. The wallpaper is nice, but so is the web design. Uncluttered, and the script font blends nicely with the italics of the non-GIF text.
Karawynn Long
She's a Web designer. She's a puzzle. She's great. Be sure to try the puzzles.
Tomaz Amon
A true labor of love. Intricate and detailed visualization of biological structures using virtual reality modelling language (VRML) to give a fully interactive experience.
Learning About Leonardo
Learn about Leonardo Da Vinci. Hear his music. Watch his self portrait morph into the Mona Lisa (Was she really a self-portrait? You decide.)


Awards this site has won:

Netscape's "What's Cool" for June 21st 1999
Ranked 9 out of 10 for content, 7 out of 10 for design.

Netscape's "What's New" for December 8th 1998
Ranked 9 out of 10 for content, 8 out of 10 for design.

A review from Third Age E-Zine:
Go Ahead, Get Scientific

  If, as a child, you never got that Gilbert Chemistry Set for
  Christmas, take heart. The Science Toys You Can Make with Your Kids
  Web site will come to the rescue online.

View the entire story at:

New Scienctist Magazine Hot Spot

The review from New Scientist Magazine:
Science toys you can make with your kids
-- This is a book being written online so that the author can glean useful feedback from potential readers. Meanwhile, you, the visitor, and your children, of course, get to carry out some interesting projects making toys that teach science. For instance, you can experiment with magnetorheological fluids (iron filings in oil), ten-minute electric motors, a plastic hydrogen bomb, a radio built from household implements, a kitchen rocket and much more.

Other awards this site has won:

Dr Matrix Science Excellence Award

Electron Kids Site of the Day

WGB Web Creations Cool Site Award

		awardThe Critical Mass Award

The Juno Project Gold Award

BadBob's Award Bad Bob's Cool B Award

Ceramicarte Award Ceramicarte 2 Stars Award

The Kids Place Web-Site Excellence Award

The Stacie's Designs True Style Award

Obzcure Designs Power Award

	award]The California Peach Designs Web Design Excellence Award

A+ Web Design InformativeA+ Web Design Award

Ohana's Award Presented for Excellence in content, accessibility, and design by Blue Hawaii Weddings

The Best of the Web Award

The StarSaber's Award

The CyberGuild 2000 BEYOND Award

The Kartoon Factory Cool Award

	    FOUNTAIN AwardThe Learning Fountain Award

Laslo's Web Page Design Excellence Award

The American Legion - Post 694, Gold Wing of Excellence Award The American Legion Gold Wing of Excellence Award

A Light Unto the Web Assurance Agency Award

SNIN Nominee Award SNIN Award

AwardThe StudyWeb Award

This is a CyberAngels Approved SiteCyberAngels Approved Site

The Family Corner Safe Surf Award The Family Corner Award

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