How much can I get for putting a banner on my page?

  Advertisers vary in what they pay, but a I have heard numbers in the range of one to ten cents per 'eyeball'. This means that each time someone goes to a page with the ad, the website makes a penny to a dime. For a site with 5,000 hits a day, this would be up to $500.00 a day, or between $18,250 to $182,500.00 per year. For a single ad. The site 'Golfweb' (35,000 web pages all about golf) has advertisers that include Bank of America, Lexus, Callaway Golf, and Buick. They pay $30 to $40 for each 1,000 'impressions' (when an ad is viewed). This comes to 3 or 4 cents an eyeball. The site earned $400,000.00 in 1996. BusinessWeek reports that the average rate for banner ads is $17 per 1,000 impressions, or 1.7 cents per eyeball. Lycos (the search engine) gets $20 to $23, because of its huge numbers of hits (15 million a month). For comparison, television ads get $6 per thousand, and Cosmopolitan magazine gets $35. The difference is targetting (more on that later). The site CDnow is making $100,000.00 per year from ads from companies including Microsoft and Land's End.