Surprising Science Experiments

We are collecting science experiments that yield results of which not many people are aware. In the interest of widening the education and experience of the general population, we publish these little known results here, where they will probably remain little known.

Note: no animals were harmed in any of the experiments that did not involve animals.

Many auto shops and tires stores advertise 'whitewall' tires or 'raised white letter' tires without specifying what benefit the whiter tires give to the owner. The purpose of this experiment is to determine whether white tires make cars go faster than black tires. We expect that the color of the tire has no effect on the speed of the car. One 100 pound bag of white marking chalk from an athletic supply store. Tires were marked by pouring chalk across both lanes of a major highway from an overpass in the pre-dawn light traffic conditions before the morning commute. On returning later that morning to observe the effects, we noticed that traffic in both directions was moving very slowly before reaching the chalk. After the tires became well coated with chalk, traffic seemed to move at well above the normal morning commute speeds. The hypothesis was not confirmed.

Despite what morning radio reports described as a particularly bad day for morning commuters, cars with white tires were found to be moving much faster than those with black tires.

Further research will determine whether any white powder has the same effect, or whether chalk is necessary. We are currently looking for funding or donations for a 100 pound bag of powdered cocaine, to see if stimulants increase the effect.

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