There are two ways people make money on the Internet:

Selling things involves getting money somehow from the person visiting your site. You need either a credit card or some form of electronic cash, or they need to mail you a payment. Helping someone sell sell things involves getting money from another company when a person visits your site. You can get money for displaying a banner advertisement, or you can get money when the visitor buys something from a site to which you steer them. Examples of the latter method are the various associate programs run by companies that sell books or games on the net. For example, encourages people with Web sites to print book reviews, and contain in the review a link to the site. If the visitor buys the book from Amazon, the Web site owner gets between 5% and 15% of the price of the book. Other on-line bookstores such as Canada's Internet Bookstore and Stuffed Flamingo Publications have similar programs. There are two things to keep in mind about associate programs. One is that you don't make any money unless the visitor buys something from the host company. The other is a bit more subtle. The visitor must buy the product immediately. If the visitor browses around the other site before buying, you will get no credit for the sale.   As I find examples, I will add them to my page of associate programs.